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For your convenience, we accommodate you to same-day walk-ins or you can book online 24hrs.

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We have multiple locations in Calgary City (SW,SE, NW, NE) and you can visit the one nearest to you. day of their request. We also have evening and weekend appointment slots available.

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We carry a large inventory of all available vaccines ready for you to job done in one visit.

About CommunityRX Travel Clinic Calgary



CommunityRX Travel Clinic Calgary is dedicated to helping people travel to their destinations in a safe and enjoyable manner. We carry all types of vaccines needed for a safe trip. Our travel clinic is a certified Yellow Fever clinic.

During your office visit, you will be assisted by our friendly professional staff and Pharmacist. Recommendations regarding pre-travel immunizations and medications will be made based on your personal travel plans including your destinations, planned activities, length of stay and health history.

We provide a comprehensive service that includes:

Required and recommended immunizations based on your itinerary, personal history of immunizations, and planned activities during your trip.

  • Vaccinations
  • Vaccination Certificates
  • Tips for travel size products.
  • Prescriptions to prevent malaria and treat traveler’s diarrhea, as appropriate

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Testimonials & Clients

{The pharmacist who gave me and my boyfriend our travel shots was amazing. He was quick and professional. He did his best to get us in asap and was able to book us in the same day as we called. He was prepared already with the travel information and our health care information and background when we arrived. I get dizzy and lightheaded around needles so he made it as painless as possible and provided better care than most doctors I’ve seen. Outstanding service, would definitely recommend this clinic!
Jamie N
{Every time I have gone to this pharmacy I’ve had pleasant experiences. Every employee has been quite knowledgeable and very sincere. The last time I went in to pick up a prescription I met with Nasima and Imelda, they were just fantastic! Most of my trips here I met with Mohammad Khan and I cannot say enough good things about this man…. he even went above and beyond by staying late once just so I could pick up my prescription. Thank you to everyone who has assisted me… I will definitely be back!
Charlene Aikens

Are Travel Vaccinations Necessary?

An essential but frequently overlooked component of the pre-travel routine is getting your travel shots before you go. We will assist you in getting ready for a safe and healthy journey to any location by providing preventative treatment.

Our mission is to inform tourists and enable people to travel securely. We are dedicated to ensuring that all populations, from young children to the elderly, get the highest possible immunization coverage.