Staying healthy while you’re travelling, always important

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If you’re planning a business trip, or about to take a vacation, across a border, or across an ocean, no matter where you’re headed, take care. Prepare.

Seasoned traveler or first time tourist, be sure you’re ready to go, and ready for what might happen when you’re far from home. Travel agents are wonderful at planning schedules and booking tickets and reserving lodging, but their business is not making sure you stay healthy while you’re away.

Stay healthy and stay safe: be proactive, be prepared, and make sure you are protected.

• Flu Vaccine
• Hepatitis B Vaccine
• HPV (Cervical Cancer) Vaccine
• Pneumococcal Vaccine
• Shingles Vaccine
• Tdap (with whooping cough) Vaccine
• Travel Immunizations
• MMR (Measles Mumps Rubella) Vaccine
• Yellow Fever Vaccination and Need for Re-vaccination
• Altitude Sickness

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At Calgary Travel Clinic, we know your time is valuable and your trip is near, so we provide SAME DAY SERVICE. Travelling and coming back safe are what we guarantee to provide.

And if you have any plans for travelling, book your consultancy or vaccination today:

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